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Resources for Press and Media

To contact Zendure for more information about our products, or to arrange an interview, please send an email to Tom Haflinger, Chief Marketing Officer, at pr@zendure.com.

News and Press Releases

Zendure’s New Global Travel Adapter Project Funded on Kickstarter in Less Than Two Days - Jun 28, 2017

Zendure Announces the World’s First Global Travel Adapter with Auto-Resetting Fuse - Jun 26, 2017

Zendure A8 QC Largest Battery Among AndroidAuthority's Top Picks - Jan 18, 2017

Askmen Recommends Zendure A2 Power Bank - Dec 12, 2016

FashionBeans: Ask for a Zendure This Christmas - Dec 05, 2016

Zendure A2 named best power bank 2016/2017 by PCAdvisor.co.uk - Nov 14, 2016

A2 and A5 External Battery Now Available in Black - Mar 21, 2016

Zendure Announces Versatile 4-Port USB Desktop/Wall Charger - Dec 17, 2015

Titan Airways Chooses Zendure A5 Portable Charger to Charge iPads for Pilots - Aug 25, 2015

The Zendure batteries power the pilots' Electronics Flight Books (EFB's) information management devices that help flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.

Zendure A2 External Battery Rated Best External Battery for 2015 by PC Advisor - Aug 20, 2015

Business Insider Recommends Zendure A8 Pro External Battery - Aug 05, 2015

Jeff Dunn of Business Insider's "Insider Picks" team recommended the A8 Pro External Battery for users whose needs exceed what can be achieved with smaller batteries.

Zendure Participates in Big Game XLIX Ad - Feb 01, 2015

"When I first learned of this opportunity, I knew we had to put our hat in the ring," said Zendure Chief Marketing Officer Tom Haflinger.

Zendure Launches USB Portable Chargers on Kickstarter - Sep 09, 2013

Zendure Launches Crush-Proof, iPhone-Friendly External Battery on Kickstarter - Sep 09, 2013

In addition to its rugged exterior, the new battery boasts an energy-efficient design that packs a lot of charging potential into a small, lightweight device.

Zendure Announces the Most Durable External Smartphone Battery Available - Sep 04, 2013

“Bryan said our battery could probably survive an encounter with his 1.6 ton car," said Zendure co-founder Tom Haflinger. "So we booked a location, got a couple cameras, and just went for it.”

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Zendure Logo Running Over a Zendure Battery Zendure Co-founders: CMO Tom Haflinger (left) and CEO Bryan Liu (right)
Close-up of A-Series Battery