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June 06, 2018

How Long to Charge OnePlus 6 from 0% to 100%

To meet customers’ high requirement for charging speed, Quick Charging technology has been increasingly popular. And OnePlus has entered the fray with the name — Dash Charging. But how fast does it really charge? With Dash Charging, how long will take to charge the new released OnePlus 6 from 0% to 100%?

It is claimed on OnePlus’ official website that, with the help of Dash Charging, it only takes you 35 minutes to charge OnePlus 6 from zero to 60% and can last for a whole day. However, to go from 60% to a full charge needs over 45 minutes. The reason for the charging speed slows down in the later charging stage is to avoid damaging the battery. The advantages of Dash Charging are that it not only lets you top off your battery quickly, but also it doesn’t overheat your phone. But what is Dash Charging? Here is something you need to know about Dash Charging.

As the brother brand of OPPO, the essence of the dash charging technology used by OnePlus is actually the VOOC flash charging technology of OPPO. It is a high-current charge, which holds the voltage of 5V. It can be charged with a high current of 4A to 5A after the start-up of the fast charging process. For the first time, VOOC Flash has built a full-end five-layer protection technology from adapters to interfaces to the inside of the phone, and leading industries will upgrade the PPM (1/1000000) to DPM (1/1000000000).

At the same time, in order to avoid the use of other charging equipment which cannot carry high current, the VOOC flash charging also has the function of automatic identification. If the charging equipment itself does not support flash charging, it will automatically use stable charging current to realize slow charging. It is understood that the development of VOOC flash charging technology lasted three years, applied for 16 patents, and reached the industry leading level in speed, heating and safety. It is the fastest and safest mobile phone charging technology in the world. At present, this quick-charge technology can only be seen in VOOC flash charging.

From the above, we can know that Dash Charging technology is applied by OnePlus as it help us to get rid of long charging time and quickly solve the need for rapid charging of large battery phones. Beyond all questions, people would love it. But battery consumption has been a problem for years, and a reliable external battery can always serve as a good back up for any long distance trip.

Here are some improved solutions for power-off.


What makes the Zendure A8 QC so different? The answer must be the quick charge. Applied Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology-another type of quick charge besides VOOC flash charging, the A8 QC is one of the fastest charging external batteries on the market. The official data shows that it can easily extend your phone usage 7-9 times, and takes only 10-12 hours to charge. Some users even commented that it can charge their phone more than 10 times on a single charge. The Zendure A8 QC is really an impressive charging device.


Besides the portable charger, we highly recommend Zendure wall charger for the A8 QC Zendure portable charger, with a ZEN+ USB port capable of delivering Quick Charge 2.0 output at 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, enables you to charge tablets, phones, your A8 QC portable charger, and all Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices at full speed. It's also compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 devices. It gives a fast charge.


This charger is from the same series as the last wall charger, but it comes with a different numbers of ports. With 4 ports, you can charge 4 devices at a time. It is super convenient for people who travel far. And it is definitely a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy quick charging.

Without a doubt, there will be an increasing number of mobile phones that support fast charging technology on the market in the future. With the increasing battery capacity of smart phones, the demand for charging will continue to increase. Qualcomm, manufacturers such as MediaTek, Oppo and others will be constantly updating their fast charging technology, and we would like to see more and better fast charging solutions available on the market.


May 25, 2018

Tips on Traveling to Russia and Watching Men’s World Cup 2018

The 21st World Cup is going to be held between June 14th and July 15th, and 11 cities of Russia will witness this exciting moment. As a faithful fan of football, to witness this exciting match in person will be wonderful. Yet, before you start your journey, it is wise to be aware of taboos and laws, or any things in your own country that might cause misunderstandings in Russia.

Before You Go

If you have decided to go there in person, you should collect a lot of information about the city you are going.

Firstly, climate. When asked about the impression about Russia, many people say it is freezing cold. But actually, during mid-June to mid-July, in the European part of Russia and South of Russia, where host cities are located, is normally experiencing very warm weather in mid-June ---more than 25C. You can bring the proper clothes there according to the temperature.

Secondly, accommodation. Either for rule of market or the greediness of marketers, the price of accommodation will certainly go higher than usual. You must accept that, or else, you may get nothing after a lengthy period of seeking a cheaper price. If accommodation in a host city appears higher than its surrounding cities; you can also choose a city near the host city after arriving in Russia. If your lucky, you may get the free night trains between cities which are offered by Russian government. It is a good chance to save money.

In addition, in Moscow, there are some entrepreneurs who are going to organize tent camps with basic facilities at a fair price. According to the latest ads, the government plans to make a camp in Saransk city. If you can find them, it can save you a lot of money.

Thirdly, transportation. You need to decide how to get to your target city and how long it takes you to go there after you get off the plane.

Here we must mention the registration. In host city, a visitor is required to get registered in 24 hours from the moment of arriving to the place; while in other cities, it can be finished in 7 days. This procedure applies to EVERYONE with non-Russian passport except FIFA workers and members of the football teams. To finish the registration, you should hold the migrant card and let the host fill in the form (in Russia) with apartment details, then hand in the copy of your passport and immigration card to the nearest police. The police will register you and give back a paper conformation.

Fourthly, forbidden cities in Russia. There are some cities that are forbidden for visiting for non-Russian citizens despite having all documents. These areas and cities are located also close to host cities. It is hard to find any difference between them and the allowed ones. But if you find them. do not even try to register.

Fifthly, check your backpack before going there. If your carry medicines that contain restricted substances(such as barbiturate, codeine, sibutramine, anabolic steroids, androgens and other sex hormones, analgesic (tramadol), psychostimulants), you must present a doctor’s letter confirming the need for each medication to authorities.

When in the World Cup

When in the World Cup, the most important thing becomes nothing but to enjoy the match as much as possible. You may want to record your favorite football player or take a video to your best friend to share them with the exciting scene. Therefore, here comes the big issue, the battery life of your phone. It is terrible to lose contact in a foreign country. Here we will suggest some portable charger products for your reference.

Zendure A8 QC 26800 mAh

Portable as it is, this power bank is a monster of great volume as well. 26,800 mAh volumes can easily extend your phone usage 7-9 times and takes only 10-12 hours to charge while using a QC3.0 charger. In addition, there are four ports on the frame, one of which supports fast charging. You can enjoy both the portable battery life and quick charge technology with Zendure A8 QC.

Zendure A6PD 20,100 mAh

Zendure A6PD is designed with a USB-C port, which makes it available to use with new Apple products. This portable charger is extremely compatible with the new iPhone, for Zendure A6PD can accomplish a full charge in just 30 minutes. Also, with a satisfying volume of 20,100 mAh, it can charge your MacBook 1.5 times and iPhone X 5.5 times.

After the World Cup

After the World Cup, you may set out your return journey, but one thing should be mentioned here. It is forbidden in Russia to bring antiques while leaving the country, even though you purchased them legally. Items like artwork, icons, samovars, rugs, military medals and antiques must have certificates indicating they do not have historical or cultural value.

What’s more, as the World Cup lasts for one month, you may spend your time in Russia after watching a match. It is dangerous if you treat everyone on the street casually. Never go to a bar or club with strangers or someone you meet for the first time on the street. And always keep your passport safe while hanging out. Avoid carrying large sums of cash. For more details, read about everything you need to know about traveling to Russia.

All in all, just make sure you are prepared. Get every document done before you start off, be careful of any possible dangers, and you will definitely have a great journey.

May 24, 2018

How to Charge a New iPad the First Time

New iPad owners usually wonder how long it should take to charge their precious devices the first time. It is widely advised that the battery of a new mobile phone should be charged for an adequately long period of time for complete activation of the lithium cell so that the phone will probably work more durably in the future.

In fact, it is the same case with a new iPad, within which a 25Whr rechargeable lithium battery is installed. This battery needs charging for eight consecutive hours for the first time; then it can be fully activated three times in a row. Issues deserving special attention during the first charge for a longer service life of the battery are listed as follows:

  1. Activation treatment has already been performed on the iPad battery before the device is delivered from the factory. Thanks to the very preliminary charging, the battery has remaining electricity. Some users provide feedback, saying that although they charge their own new iPad strictly according to the adjustment time, the standby time of it is still not long enough in later use. Actually, if the battery is really authentic, the adjustment time should be extended and then fully discharged for 3 to 5 times.
  2. Battery life is greatly affected by the number of its recharging and discharging times. Overcharging is detrimental to the battery in this regard, so it is essential to avoid charging for too long. And when the phone or iPad has been off for more than seven days, it is best for the battery to be fully discharged before being used again.
  3. Exposure to high or low temperatures of the battery is not suggested, which means that users would better not to put it under the sunlight or in an air-conditioning environment. In spite of the fact that when the battery is being charged up, the system will normally generate some amount of heat, users are still not suggested to expose the battery to high or low temperatures, but instead to charge it under circumstances of room temperature without any cover on it.
  4. When the battery has been fully charged, please remove it in time so as to avoid negative impacts of overcharging on the battery performance.
  5. Users are advised to use the original charger or that from the reputable and reliable third party. The lithium battery should be charged by the lithium battery charger and in line with the instructions; otherwise it would damage the battery or even bring unpredictably dangers.
  6. Select a compatible charger for the lithium battery so as to ensure that the battery can reach its saturation state. After being charged, the iPad should not be plugged in the charger over 12 hours, and the two devices should be separated if your iPad is going to be put aside and not for using for a long time.

If you expect a longer life of your iPad, in addition to follow the listed charging techniques, a high-quality charger is also essential.

As one of the most reliable brands, Zendure is definitely a good choice for you to charge your iPad. Zendure A6PD comes with powerful USB Type-C PD and smart charging technologies which quick charge your iPad while protecting it from short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging.

 If you are searching for a premium and high-capacity charger, Zendure A8QC is the best choice for you. Featuring Qualcomm QC 3.0, it has been given the title of quick-charging monster which means it can charge your iPad within several hours at top speed. With 26800 mAh capacity, your iPad battery life can be easily extended about 3 times, freeing you from worries about it running out of juice wherever and whenever you take it on the go.

In short, the brand-new iPads are advised to be charged until the battery is fully activated. It should be plugged in at room temperature to avoid overheating. Be aware of deeply discharging it before recharging if it hasn’t been used for too long. Using qualified chargers to charge your iPad is also very important. All the suggestions being given are about charging habits, so if you want a long lasting iPad battery, forming these good habits is your first step! 

May 21, 2018

How to Watch World Cup Live and Keep Your Phone Charged

World Cup season is near. For people who don’t have a TV or will be out of the house during the game, they are likely to use their phones to watch the game directly. With a Wi-Fi connection, smartphones can easily broadcast the World Cup wherever you go. Yet, smartphones can only last for about 9 hours and when videos are playing, the battery drains out even quicker. To avoid this hassle caused by batteries all used-up, there are two ways to solve this problem. One is to save your smartphone’s battery life, the other is to juice up it with a power bank.

Method One: Save Smartphone Battery Life

There are various ways to save smartphone battery life, the core of them lies in limiting certain functions and disabling background apps. Specifically speaking, there are six tips.

First, keep the screen timeout short. You can find an option labeled “Screen Timeout”, “Sleep” or something similar under the phone’s display setting menu. Android’s general screen timeout time is 15 seconds. If you want to save more battery life, the fewer minutes, the better.

Second, dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness. The colorful and bright screen may be nice to view, but you will never imagine how consuming they are to your smartphone. By setting auto brightness, the phone can adjust its brightness to a probable degree and ensure the normal brightness. Generally speaking, the weaker the light is, the longer the battery life will be.

Third, turn off Bluetooth and GPS. Bluetooth can bring enjoyment in listening to music, yet if you turn it off you can add an hour or more to your phone’s battery life. GPS is required by many apps for monitoring location, which seems unnecessary when at home. By a click of settings and location, you can easily turn off it and save battery life.

Fourth, disable the background app, such as push email, communication app. Having a continual connection to Wi-Fi or mobile data consumes to battery very fast. Disabling these will help save battery life.

Fifth, enable power-saving modes. Enabling power saving mode can limit many functions of phone and automatically reduce battery consuming to a great degree. It might, for example, prevent apps from updating in the background, dim your screen, reduce the screen timeout setting, disable on-screen animations, and turn off vibration.

Sixth, reboot your phone from time to time, rather than leaving it in sleep mode all the time. Experts suggest that turning your phone off can help preserve your battery for longer. But don’t bother turning off your phone if it will only be off for a short period of time.

Method Two: Use Your Power Bank

Disabling to many apps may disturb the normal daily work and bring inconvenience. Sometimes you have to get yourself prepared with a durable power bank so as to enjoy the World Cup and keep in contact with outer world. Here are some suggestions.

Zendure A3 Portable Charger

Zendure A3 is a compact and lightweight power bank. Designed with 10000 mAh capacity, it can easily extend your phone usage 3-4 times. There are two USB outputs on the frame, which allows your alternative device to get juiced up. This portable charger is available in silver and black colors.

Zendure A3TC USB-C Portable Charger

The A3TC is outstanding for its effectiveness and performance. It includes a USB-C input/output and USB-A output for versatility and performance in a small form factor, each of them goes at fast speed, 5V 3A output. It is lightweight and compact. With 10,000 mAh capacity, this little thing extends your phone usage 3-4 times.

Zendure A5 Portable Charger

Zendure A5 is also a portable charger weighted at 11.4 oz. Designed with 16750 mAh capacity, it becomes one of the best sellers among users who have more than one power-hungry device. This portable charger is even great for an emergency preparedness kit. Zendure A5 is the best choice, for the A-Series battery can maintain up to 95% of its charge after six months without use.

Though World Cup may drive you crazy while watching, but your low battery phone can break your heart entirely when the screen just shuts off mid-game. To get an enjoyable experience of watching World Cup, you should make efforts to save battery life as much as possible and prepare a mobile charger.

May 18, 2018

How to Choose the Best Power Bank for Your MacBook

If you are trapped in a difficult decision — choosing the best power bank for your MacBook, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed several factors that can help you distinguish a good power bank from others, and the top selections that can keep your MacBook powered longer.

Using your laptop away from a plug socket can easily lead to a dying battery, which might be a nightmare for many people. This is why portable laptop charger battery packs are so popular and essential today. Portable power banks have been around for years and, for the most part, it has been pretty straightforward to judge whether it is a good power bank. There’s storage capacity (measured in mAh), power conversion rate, portability, and of course, other things like size, weight, durability and number of ports.

Factor #1: Storage Capacity

If you want to choose a power bank for you MacBook, the first factor you have to consider is if it can fully charge your MacBook. Most power banks aren’t powerful enough to charge a laptop, but there are a few exceptions. Power banks that support USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which is a fast charge standard, are able to control more watts and deliver more power — basically, they’re able to fast charge larger devices (if those devices support it). USB Power Delivery only works with a USB-C to USB-C connection, so if you have a 2016 MacBook Pro or new laptop that charges via USB-C, you need a power bank that supports this technology.

Factor #2: Conversion Rate and Price

There are other factors to consider before buying a portable power bank — such as price and conversion rate. There are some power banks in market with extremely low prices, but only have a 6000mAh capacity or slightly higher, which is not reasonable. The higher the conversion rate is, the higher the price will be. The truth is unreliable batteries may be made of old laptop batteries. At present, power banks priced at over 20 dollars is relatively reliable. The power conversion rate of qualified products should be more than 70%, and better power bank can be even more than 75%. It means the nominal 5000 mAh power bank which can actually output at least more than 3650 mAh can be called a reliable power bank.

Factor #3: Portability

One of the main reasons to choose a power bank for our digital devices is its portability. For a long tip, a portable power bank can not only provide power for you devices but also relieve the pressure from you. The best portable power banks can even replace your original laptop charger altogether, providing you with an uninterruptible power supply wherever you happen to be. So it is a must for us to think about portability when we choose a power bank for our MacBook. After all, the MacBook is heavy enough to carry.

Power Your MacBook 

Our Pick: Zendure A6PD

With 45W USB-C power delivery output, the Zendure A6 is able to charge MacBook, Nintendo Switch, most Android phones, tablets, laptops and more. Besides, it can Fast charge iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes thanks to USB Power Delivery. So it is also a perfect selection for your new iPhone. With the incredibly high capacity, it can fully charge your MacBook 1.5 times.

What’s more, there is a feature rarely seen in other power banks. You can charge Zendure while charging your devices at full speed with a single wall charger.

To sum up, choosing a proper power bank for your MacBook, you should not only consider its style or capacity, but think all the factors comprehensively. Only pay for the value it deserves.

May 18, 2018

How to Remove Your Smartphone Battery Notification During World Cup Season

The World Cup 2018 is only a month away. As a big fan of World Cup, are you prepared for the live streaming? FIFA has promised the most extensive coverage of this World Cup around the world this year. For the first time in history FIFA World Cup will have extensive online streaming on various websites and mobile apps. Get ready to cheer for the best players through your screen!

No one wants to miss a single minute of it; you will go mad if a low battery alert pop up on your screen. Be prepared and learn how you can get rid of battery alarm during world cup season to avoid being interrupted by it. Read on for the following suggestions.

Disable Your Battery Notification

There is no doubt that you can just click the dismiss icon to close the annoying battery alarm pop-up, but you will definitely be interrupted, which may let you miss the most wonderful moment. Or you can choose to set it to disabled so you get no notifications at all. But it may turn out that your phone runs out of juice without warning while you are watching the World Cup show. Don’t worry! There is a perfect way to get you out of the battery alarm dilemma — prepare your phone with a reliable external battery!

Or, Get a Portable Battery 

To extend a smartphone battery life is always a power bank’s mission. And Zendure’s A-series chargers have never let me down. Zendure is supported by a very creative team which guarantees a series of reliable products. As one of the backers of their A-series chargers on Kickstarter, I know how many fans they have won by their reliability and responsibility.

Let’s get back to the low battery alarm dilemma. To avoid low battery warning, you need an external battery with big volume but small size. From Zendure’s A-series, you can choose 10000mAh A3 portable charger or other A-series chargers with even bigger capacity (Zendure also provides 16750mAh A5 charger, 20100mAh A6 PD charger and 26800mAh A8 QC charger.)

A3 Portable Battery for the Win

A3 portable charger is designed with two USB outputs so you can share it with your companion — no one will miss a single World Cup detail! Each port can automatically detect your device and fine-tunes the output to charge it at the fastest speed. With 10000mAh capacity, it is only 70% of the size of your iPhone 7. Thanks to the use of top quality components, the A3 is one of the most compact and lightweight external battery. It is very durable as well, I have never worried about it will be damaged by my accidental dropping or bumping as it has been proved to withstand a car driving over it! I have never left it behind since I bought it.

It can easily extend your phone usage for 3 to 4 times and supports unique charge-through functions, which frees your phone from battery issues whenever time you want to use it for watching the World Cup!

Enjoy the World Cup!

Now with the best charger, you need no other help but to wait for the show to begin! But how much you know about the World Cup 2018? For your convenience, you can directly click here to know everything you want to know about FIFA World Cup including the time of live streaming, the 32 teams and the best players etc. Most importantly, here you can know how to watch FIFA World Cup online free! It tells you TV channels broadcasting FIFA World Cup live worldwide and several ways to access live coverage such as official live streaming feeds through VPN and some free online streaming sites.

Get ready to cheer for your favorite team, fully charge you phone, buy an A3 portable charger, and invite your best friends! No more battery alarm worries during the game. Just get ready your favorite snacks and gather together to enjoy the best-ever World Cup in June and July 2018!

May 16, 2018

Why Does Your Phone Battery Life Decrease So Fast? Tips to Avoid Charging Mistakes

Phone battery trouble can be tiresome and frustrating. When mobile phone users see their battery life is low this can cause annoyance and even anxiety. In coffee shops, airports and school you will find people frantically looking for free outlets to charge their phone with low batteries.

Regardless of the size of the battery, do you know why your phone battery life decreases so fast? Some casual habits can do great harm to your mobile phone battery. More than 99% of people are making these charging mistakes.

Overtime charging: Some people take it for granted that the longer they charge the phone, the more power there will be. So they are accustomed to charge before they goes to bed at night, and then get up in the morning with a fully charged phone. However, if you don't unplug the battery, it will keep the phone fully charged all night.  This will speed up the loss of the battery and make the phone's battery life shorter and shorter.

Play while charging: A great majority of us are used to playing games while charging. But charging the phone produces heat. If you play mobile phone games at this time, heat coming from the battery and processor will overlay. It is bound to cause irreversible damage to the phone.

Charge with mobile phone cover: Many people choose to install the phone cover to protect it from wear and tear. But when a cell phone is charged, it generates heat and the lithium battery itself is very hot. If the phone overheats when it is charged, it accumulates the heat generated by a large amount of charging in the shell.

Use unqualified wall charger and cable: Now there are a lot of phone accessories on the market with different levels of quality. Mobile phone chargers in conformity with the technical standards of production will be much safer. When using mobile phone with a matched wall charger and cable, you can enjoy higher charging efficiency. There is less possibility to damage the battery or other components.

In order to protect your phone battery life, not only should you have good habits of charging, but also you should take a great consideration when you choose a wall charger and cable for your phone. Here are some recommendations:

Recommend 1: Zendure 2-in-1 CABLE

Carry just one cable to cover a variety of charging needs. And because it is data transfer and charging supported, compatible devices can take advantages of Qualcomm Quick Charge protocols for high-speed charging and convenient data transferring as well. Recognized as the most durable charging brand, Zendure originated from Kickstarter's most successful charging project. Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple, to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

Recommend 2: Zendure 3.4A WALL CHARGER

The Zendure High-Speed Wall Charger is designed to fit right in with the extremely durable A-Series external batteries in style as well as quality. With two USB ports and 3.4A (17W) total output this charger have enough power to charge the latest tablets or take advantage of pass-through charging with an A-Series external battery. It is compatible with all 5V USB-Powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more, which really helps save money.

Recommend 3: Zendure 30W CAR CHARGER

For people who own a car, Zendure car charger is a good choice. It is trusted by fans worldwide because of its high quality, style and compact design. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to provide the fastest possible charge for your phone. What’s more, it can protect your phone from overheating so that your phone battery life can last longer. And as one of the industry's smallest ever USB car chargers, it features two USB ports and a status LED. This car charger can provide the best service for you without doing much harm to you phone batteries.

May 14, 2018

How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S9 Wirelessly

With no need to plug in a compatible cord, a wireless charger saves time in plugging and avoids the broken cable troubles. However, as every coin has two sides, a normal wireless charger always costs you more time in charging. As the unveiled Galaxy S9 announced its supports for both wireless and wired charging, what will you prefer? Let’s first get some comparisons.

Wired Charging

The new S9 support Samsung’s Fast Adaptive Charge and come with a fast charger in the box. Here is a picture for the detailed information about wired charging. As it is shown on the picture, it takes 107 minutes to charge a Galaxy S9. But how long can it be used? According to the data, Galaxy S9 lasts for 7h and 23 minutes after a full charge, which seems satisfying. In comparison, Galaxy S9+ goes with a higher 3500 mAh battery capacity; its charging time is lower than Galaxy S9 for two minutes yet lasts even longer than S9 at 8h and 5 minutes.

Wireless Charging

As for wireless charging, Tech Guy once used the convertible fast charging stand from Samsung and found that it took around 2 hours and a half to wirelessly charge Galaxy S9.

Actually,compared with wired charge, wireless charger appears less effective, which means that you have to spend more time on charging. It is quiet annoying when you are in a hurry for a phone call yet the battery cannot work in just a few minutes. Based upon this, fast wireless charging appears valuable. Before you choose one for your daily use, you need to know something about fast charging with your Samsung Galaxy S9. For example, what is fast charging, how it works and what kind of factors might affect fast charging.

You may not realize the convenience of fast charging until one day you have to go out in 10 minutes and the battery of your phone is less than 20%. Once the full charge can be finished in 10 minutes, you will be able to put aside the power bank and go out without hesitation. Here some recommendations for Galaxy S9 wireless charging.

Zendure Q3 Wireless Charger ($27.99)

Zendure Q3 provides 10w fast charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus/ Note 8 series devices. It is small and convenient enough to be brought to anywhere. Covered with 360° anti-slip rubber, together with its built-in foreign object detection, overheating overcharging prevention and short-circuit protection features, Zendure ensures safety to the utmost degree.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand ($69.99)

This is an official fast wireless charging stand at its newest model for 2018 with a slightly different design. There are several reasons for you to choose it; one is the fast charge it provides, more effective than normal wireless charging; the other is the built-in fan which can cool your phone during fast charging. Still, the wireless charging stand is Qi compatible and means that any Qi-certified products can take advantage of it, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

As it is mentioned above, normal wireless charger take even much time than a wired charger. Besides, a fast wireless charger always accompanies with higher price, thereby, for the consideration of budget friendly, here are some wired chargers for recommendation.

Zendure 40W Wall Charger

Zendure 40W is a competitive product with 4 ports for output, one of them being a Quick Charge 2.0 USB output which is capable of delivering up to 9V/2A ,12V/1.5A (18W MAX) current to compatible devices. The other three ports can automatically fine tune the power output at also satisfying speeds (up to 5V/2.4A per port, and 5V/4.0A in total). It is durable, compact and lightweight, a good choice for traveling and home use.

Zendure USB High-speed Wall Charger

The Zendure A-Series 18W 1-Port USB High-Speed Wall Charger is specially designed for people who travel a lot. It is one of the most durable, compact and lightweight chargers on the market, also, an ideal charger for travel or home use.

Passport Global Travel Adapter

Zendure Passport is the world's first global travel adapter with auto-resetting fuse. The auto-resetting fuse allows Passport to recover from overloads without service or replacement. It covers more than 150 countries with USA/UK/EUROPE/AUS/CA/JP plugs, which and be worked in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, etc. There are four USB ports on it, which allows you to charge four devices at the same time.

To sum up, using the original wired charger can save time when charging Samsung Galaxy S9. When you are interested in wireless charging, choosing wireless fast charging is more preferable.

May 11, 2018

Tips on How to Quick Charge Your Laptop on the Go

Most people will easily notice their phone or laptop will charge much slower when it is connected to other phone or laptop’s USB port rather than to its original adapter. That’s the result of differences in chargers. Aside from the charger, there are also other factors that affect the effectiveness of charging. If you want to quick charge your laptop on the go, here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: disable outer connection

Just as enabling a phone’s airplane mode will speed up the charging process, so does a laptop. When you plug your laptop into charge, the flight mode will automatically turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and network connection, avoiding too much battery consuming during the process of charging. If you have never done this before, get the more details about how to put a laptop in Airplane mode.

Tip 2: turn off the laptop entirely

Surely the best way to save battery life is to shut off its work. Turning off the laptop entirely help to effectively charge with the least battery consuming. Yet sometimes you may think it is too troublesome to open it again, for example, you just want to go for a cup of coffee and 10 minutes later you will go back to work. In this case, you can switch off the screen while keeping the laptop running.

Tip 3: use the main power adapter that belongs with your laptop

Due to some difference in design, different adaptors have intricate performance differences in charging. Remember that the original adaptor can always accomplish a faster charge than other compatible chargers while plugging into the same plug outlet.

Tip 4: keep the laptop cool

The battery of a laptop is sensitive to the outer temperature. When it gets hot outside, its effectiveness will slow down, and when you put your lap top in a heated place, it is likely to get damaged. That is why laptops should be kept in cool place. When it is too hot people will plug in a tiny USB fan into the laptop. Still, when charging, make sure your laptop is out of its case.

Tip 5: turn on the battery saving mode.

Battery saving mode not only helps your laptop last longer but also makes your charge quicker. It limits many functions of the laptop automatically such as the screen light, background software operation, the sound volume and so on.

Tip 6: keep your battery in good health.

Only a battery in good condition can ensure effective charging. A few maintenance tips will keep your battery working properly. Experts suggest regularly charging it to about 80%, then about once a month letting the battery run down to zero and recharging it up to 100%. This will keep the electrons in the battery flowing, and keep it in good health for years to come.

Generally speaking, we charge our laptop through the plug in the wall, yet, what if you not near any socket to plug your laptop in? In that case, a portable power bank seems important. Here are some great recommendations.

Zendure A6PD 201000 mAh

With a large capacity at 20100 mAh, Zendure can charge MacBook 1.5 times. There are three kinds of ports in it, USB Type-C Port as input and output, regular 2.4A (Max) Micro-USB input and 2.4A (Max) USB-A output. It is, it is also impressive in its weight, 13.1 oz at the size of 3.1" x 0.9" x 6.4" — A very good choice for traveling.

Zendure A8 QC 26,800 mAh

The A8 QC is one of the fastest charging external batteries on the market for its capacity. Designed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, it ensures a fast charge. Designed with a huge capacity at 268000mAh, it takes only 10-12 hours to recharge using a QC3.0 charger, pretty impressive effectiveness. There are 3 Zen+ ports and one Quick Charge 3.0 port in it, which allows your other devices to juice up while charging a laptop. Also, an LED digital display shows how much charge the power bank has left.

To sum up, to quick charge your laptop on the go, you have to limit its battery draining as much as possible. And the most effective way is to turn it off entirely.

May 10, 2018

How to Quick Charge Your Phone Wirelessly


Almost everyone wants to charge their phone as fast as they can and charge their phone in an easier way, which is no need to plug and unplug every time. But to meet both the fast and wireless charging requirements at once, there are few things you need to check out and maybe several accessories to buy, depending on which phone you have.

  • Is your phone wireless-charging enabled?
  • Does your phone support quick charging?

The main standard for wireless charging today is Qi from WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). With more and more manufactures taking advantages of Qi charging (including Apple); it has taken most of the wireless charging market.

You can click the link to learn what is Qi and which phones support wireless charging. When comes to fast charging, there are many standards in the market, and the most popular one is Qualcomm’s quick charging technology. The most commonly implemented standard — QC3.0 which offers power up to 18w — rapid charges your phone no problem.

If your phone supports both fast and wireless charging, then it is easy to quick charge your phone wirelessly with a quality wireless charger with QC technology. Zendure’s Q3 wireless charger  provides 7.5w rapid charging for iPhone X/8/8+, 10w for Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 and more with a QC2.0/QC3.0 AC adapter (not included). It perfectly prevents your phone from over-charging, overheating and short-circuits through Zen+ protection.

This wireless charger comes from Zendure which had one of the successful projects from Kickstarter backed by over 10k fans worldwide. Zendure products have proven to be reliable and worthy to buy. For more quality wireless chargers please click here to check.

However, if your phone does not support wireless charging, then you need an extra wireless charger receiver or a wireless battery case, combined with a wireless charging pad to charge it wirelessly. Please note that different smartphones have different charging port, thus you need to check before buying, or it won’t work.

Here are some best wireless charger receivers for different phones.

For Samsung S5: it is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 G900 and works well with all Qi standard wireless charging pad.

For iPhone7/7+and more: Measuring at only 0.5mm thick, this receiver is unobtrusive and is barely noticeable once applied, besides the newfound wireless charging capability that is.

For All Android Phones with micro-USB: It works well with any Qi-enabled charging pad. Make sure that your mobile is using charge cable with micro USB head and it is located at the center of the mobile. In addition, this wireless charger receiver is not compatible with Plus One.

Universal Tips

Aside from the advantages you receive from advanced fast charging technology, there are some universal tips you can use to fast charge your smartphone.

Factors affecting the speed of charging

Generally, there are three main factors affect the speed of charging: output current, quality charger and battery temperature. So for faster charging, you should always use a quality charger (wireless or wired)with enough current supply at ambient temperature.

Avoid using your phone while charging

This may be not your favorite option as it means you are unable to check your messages, play games or watch videos. However, it helps with charging your phone much faster since the battery isn’t being used to run any other process. In order to charge your phone even faster, you’d better leave your phone alone and set it to Airplane Mode, shut off some unnecessary features or directly turn it off while charging. In these cases, it avoids unnecessary battery consumption to make way for charging.

No matter if you have a wireless supported or a non-supported phone, if you want to make full use of the advanced technology of wireless and quick charging, you are undoubtedly need to shell out a few bucks for it. But it is worth trying for an easier and more efficient life.

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